Instant Photos the Cheap Way..

So you want to have instant photos for your guest to sign on your big day at a low cost? You can! Sometime ago i tried getting 2 printers and DSLRs to do it but it was way too slow and not easy to manage. Some guest even run away with the photos! I thought Polariods were dead but no there is another solution called the Fuji Instax mini 7! They are priced affordably at SGD130++ and the credit card sized prints are about $14++ per pack but i didnt notice how many were in one pack. Just came across a Fuji shop at Bras Basah selling em. Assuming 10per pack the total cost would be around 130+280=$410 (a few ppl can cramp one photo ma…) Still cheaper than getting a pro company to cover at 4x the price.

Go get em, its really fun to have your guest sign those photos on yr AD cuz you wun even remember who was there!

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