Albert + Xiaoting Wed


PG: KC Wong (Tinydot)
LOC: Merchant Court Hotel

Xiaoting was all smiles with her close knit family and lovely sistas. The groom and his men were truly sporting too and it was plain fun shooting their wedding with KC. One thing that struck me deeply, was the way they presented the photo montage to their family. Instead of the usual pre 1st march in playback, they did their speech after the 2nd march in and ended with a song dedication. “Jia Hou” by Jianghui is one of the only Hokkien songs I know and went along with the montage. The emotionals that followed was very powerful and truly touching with the montage of them growing up with their family. Very sweet!

2 thoughts on “Albert + Xiaoting Wed

  1. Where is Xiaoting and Albert’s video?!?!?!! haha ok i was one of the sisters that day… great to have met you guys and i just wanted to say that i was kinda impress by ur equipment and all (you have the slider thing to do tracking with ur MkII!!! haha)… looking forward to the video!

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