2011 Here we come!

With a bat of an eyelid, 2010 is over. It has been a BLAST.
1. Transited to DSLR fully (comfortably but heavy $$$$)
2. Developed our Pre Wed and Condensed Pre Wed video approach
3. Met and shot with the greatest fello wedding cinematographers from all over ASIA
4. Attended Mayad Academy in PH
5. Shot our 1st overseas pre wed in HK
6. Sorted out the music copyright mess
7. Presented for Canon and Expandore events
8. Completed professional Steadicam Training in US
9. Made even more friends from the photography world and customers
10. Had new additions to our families!!!

2011 would be another interesting year for the industry. Technology is evolving and better cameras would be out this year, pushing the industry to gear up towards better quality videos. It is a trend to see more production values in wedding videos (means u get to see more variety in a typical wed video). Although Singapore has been slower to catch up, we are slowly getting there. Do expect prices going up since more gear and manpower is required for good work.

Business wise 2011 is really positive. Gone with the TIGER in comes the RABBIT and BOOMZ!! Hotels are fully booked and loads will get married this year. What are we up to? Hmm we will see. Having new additions to the families means more time is needed at home for all of us. We remain committed to deliver top notch videos and our philosophy to limit the number of weddings to ensure quality remains the same.

A big THANK YOU to all the couples that supported us in 2010. It has been an honour to have been entrusted to cover your big day. We look forward to “Capturing more sparkles” this year.

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