Siow Teng + Celine // A beautiful Mistake

PG: Mindy Tan (Mindy Tan Photography)
LOC: Swissotel the Stamford Hotel

This is one of the last weddings of the year and it turns out to be a classic. Their romantic love story was shot in Singapore and Hong Kong. It was a great experience and we had a blast with them! HK customs are definately a little different but Canto is tough for me! Kudos to Kin from for their great assistance in the HK leg.

Just got back from the dinner and it was one happening event.. In an unexpected  twist, Siow Teng turned out to be the real tear jerker! I was so touched by his vows and speech. I’m sure they will live happily forever. The other nice thing was Mindy’s got talent. I was pretty impressed with her stuff. Another new friend =)

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