Serene & Gary’s Pre Wedding


What a rainy day it was. I was doing an interview of Gary and Serene’s friends in a noisy environment. Well, the wireless mic performed really WELL although the background noise was rather loud. This has got a long way to go as the wedding is in Dec. Talk about kaisu huh?? Hee hee…

4 thoughts on “Serene & Gary’s Pre Wedding

  1. Hihi Cousin Sean,
    Thanks for the effort in doing the video Shoot! hehehe.. can’t help it to be Kiasu (KS), my dad is KS Seah! hehehe..
    Did u manage to take a pic for Belinda & Val?
    I got all the 4 groups except theirs!



  2. Everyone reali dress well… other then me.. Serene, I wear this Mambo shirt to show u want leh.. my jie jie bought for me on my 21st bday.. the shirt still ard k.. haha….. any way.. how i wish time can reverse cos i still got alot of ‘bad’ things to say abt u.. hehe

  3. Kudos to Seah for his fantastic effort in capturing all our friends’ interviews. Yes, it was a thunderstorm that day, but everybody turned up as planned at Dempsey Hill’s Camp cafe. To all present that day, especially to Sean, thanks for making it an unforgettable event!:)

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