Singapore Wushu Competition Trailer

I took the time to watch a mass display segment of the local wushu competition. It was very exciting as this is the weapon segment where a team of 2 or 3 with weapons would attack in other in a coordinated fashion. Some of the teams lacked practise and it was real funny watching 2 people dancing along.. waiting for the other to attack! Anyway, you only see the good stuff here so please enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Singapore Wushu Competition Trailer

  1. HI!!! Im in one of your videos in the wushu competition! and im grateful to you for filming us down and placing us in your video. i realise that your video quality is really very clear and is very professional. i would like to ask for a copy of your competition. wuold that be possible?

  2. VERY EXCITING!!! The video is great, nice cutting too. Cant believe u were there through out filming all the groups. I especially like the 2guys in red, real fast

  3. I like the action. I know one of the teams so I decided to kart my equipment there for a test shoot. It was really interesting to see acrobatic stunts in there. I would be glad to know all these people. Good job and work harder for next year.

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