Serene & Gary Pre Wedding Shoot II

Old School is the theme for today’s pre wedding photo shoot and we have ta-da, KC Wong from Greymatter on the set today! Thou it wasn’t the best weather today, we managed to get some unique shots. It was my first time to Chinese High school and I must say it was really NICE! Thaz Gary taking a breather in the middle of the shoot. Talk about a RELAXED groom huh?

3 thoughts on “Serene & Gary Pre Wedding Shoot II

  1. Hi Hi,
    Saw the website already. Realised there were some typos or was it deliberate? Serene and Gray (Gary’s) wedding shoot 2?
    You playing with the names Gary and Graymatter?
    “Talk about a relaxed Groom, huh? It’s Talk not, Take right?
    kekekeke…Just a lil comment!

    We have been activel promoting your site and service! Gary and I are both very impressed people with Sean’s work and dedication!

    Thanks again!

  2. This is wat happens when u try to blog after 6.5hrs of video work+steadicam work.. typos!! Ok, corrected liao ha ha..

  3. Yes, Sean’s professionalism really shines through during this wedding shoot. It sure aint easy lugging that huge video cam around the whole day:p in a not so great weather condition.

    Overall, it has been a joy working together with Sean and KC during the shoot.

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