Le Diner En Blanc 2013

This is the biggest event we have ever undertaken. The logistics and planning involved was a scale that we have had little experience with. Fortunately we had an awesome team of 9, and were aided by the helpful folks from the organizers lead by Clement Chang.  To be honest the event really rocked and the ambiance was incredible.  Even myself, a non party person felt the vibes strongly that night (check out the camera shakes!). All in all, it is great pleasure to say we have undertaken the tasks successfully and it would have never been possible without a dedicated team. Special mention to William Chua (Yes, the photographer) who did an awesome virgin event job with us.

Thank you guys!

Facts & Figures
143Gb of data
18 lens
12 cameras
2 Jibs
2 sliders
2 stabilizers
1 Portacrane
0 lights

Team A – Sean+ZC+Seth+William
Team B – John+Vincent+JJ
Team C – Weehan+Charmaine

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