Weehan + Charmaine SDE

PG: JunLiang
Loc: Park Royal at the Pickering

Another good pal getting married today. Weehan is a locally renowned nature and landscape photographer (one of the best I have met) and also a very talented cinematographer. He is also a man with a BIG heart and never fails to help/offer advice if you need him. Today, he got hitched to someone with the same passion and I would say it is a perfect match. Charmaine is youthful and full of energy and they both turned out kinda wacky as well! I was initially concerned it was going to be tough to produce a meaningful video as I didn’t have sufficient time to get to know the bride better.

After the solemnization I came to realise they went through quite a lot to decide to walk life’s journey together and their love for each other was ever so evident. The solemnization was quite a tear tearjerker but they were laughing at the same time. Probably what they say by “tears of joy”.

The photos they did for their wedding were really awesome as well and very creative (Many shots of themselves in different levels of a HDB block in one photo.. hard to describe!)

I’m so happy for you my friends.. and Thank you for entrusting me to capturing one of your life’s most important moments… I take it as a personal endorsement of our work.


PS: Park Royal’s grand ballroom’s audio system sounds a little “weird” so if you are getting married there do take a listen!

The awesome photo I talked about… so the story is they dated for months at the HDB flats while doing their timelapse project =)

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