NDP2012 Smile & Love will Grow MV


A script born in Sydney and executed in Singapore in 4 days. Project NDP2012 was extremely difficult as we had only 2 weeks to complete the assignment. Thankfully, fellow WCG team mate Moomedia was onboard. It was very fulfilling and Firewerkz learnt a lot from working on a music video of this scale. The singing portions were designed before hand and executed over 6hours. The rest of the footage was shot all over the island in 3 days, from Sembawang to Changi to Pasir Panjang. Casting was very difficult as we had only 3 days to get everyone in. We were so lucky to meet so many kind souls that were out there to lend a hand. The final editing and colour grading took 8hrs and it was really tough editing late into the night. All in all, it was one awesome experience and very fulfilling to see the end product.

Happy National Day 2012

Team Firewerkz

Credits to:
Mdm Lee, Javier Seah, Seah SH, Andrew Seah, Jimmy, John Lee & Rene, Khairuldin, Muslinda & kiddo, Shengyang, Wenyang liondance troupe and the kids from SSC tution center

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