Exposed Down Under Workshop


Can you spot SS in there???

As part of our desire to take our craft to higher standards, we have invested the time to be here in Sydney this year to join another international workshop. Its good $ spent so far as the presenters come from US, Canada and Australia. Some of the talks were technical while some were motivational and brand related. One of the US presenter’s story was pretty inspiring, they were able to grow their business to USD1.5 million with 18 weddings and a bridal magazine. Its hard to believe they can land weddings at USD8,000 and above but they do! They spoke about taking a lot of time to produce their wedding films (yes with that kinda fees they better be!) The people there shoot with 2 crew and dedicated editor as well, similar to some of the Singaporean teams. In fact some local teams already shoot with 3 pax.

Story telling and visual acquisitions skills remains the key focus. The wedding video of today is no longer documentary like yesterday. It takes a team to execute those great highlights that everyone loves. It is certainly no easy task but Firewerkz would be ready ..

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