Jack Shen + Chor Boon SDE // RETRO

PG: Kwang (Lightbox)
LOC: Hotel Re!

This was one super fun wedding to shoot. Being an “older” person, I appreciated the RETRO theme very much. From the cars to games to the fashion and all, it was a great reminder of yester years. The mini pre wed concept was something we churned out on the AD itself. They had planned a very cool entry into the ballroom so we decided to work it out this way. On 2nd thoughts, we could have used an 80s song to make it better!

Credits to Kwang for allowing us to use the very cool photos. Its been a long time since we did fusion. For those who are wondering where the 2 uber cool VW Campers come from, they were from Kombi Rocks. It appears that there are only 3 Campers left in Singapore they were made in the 60s. The front window is in 2 pieces instead of one. How cool is that??


Credits: Kwang for the lovely thumbnail photo

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