Weiliang + Eileen SDE // My WAY

PG: Ian (Ian Photography Jakarta)
LOC: Marina Mandarin

They are a very young couple but the bond they share, is one of the deepest I have ever come across. Weiliang is a dashing young man with a soft spot for his lovely wife, Eileen. Eileen is the supportive kinda woman and they are truly a perfect match in all ways. We had great fun shooting our last Love Story of the year titled, MY WAY. Weiliang is really creative (they even made their own stop motion) and took great pains to work out the idea. Above is the SDE and I really love the last bits (which was churned out under a mad rush as usual outside the ballroom cuz I wanted the sword ceremony in there). Their vows are one of the two outstanding ones which I really dig this year.

PS: Thank you Eileen, for making sure we were fed properly! + Irene/Ian for the food delivery!

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