James + Yuwen SDE // HISTORY

PG: Ezra Koh (Inspiration Photography)
LOC: Mandarin Orchard

James and Yuwen were our couple for the Mayad Academy in Singapore earlier this year. I had a great time with them and today was the 4th time we worked together. It really felt like a friend’s wedding. James is one of the most sporting groom we ever worked with. He can really dance! Yuwen is basically model material and the ideal bride every story teller would love. We are really thankful the skies came out clear today. This is prob our longest SDE to date but their wedding vows were touching so I decided to break our SDE duration limit for the first time. Their condensed pre wed had a really simple theme about FATE. Some people meet each other without knowing but if it is fated, you will eventually meet one day.

To all the lonely hearts out there, do not despair, your destiny will come, just like them.

One thought on “James + Yuwen SDE // HISTORY

  1. Hi, I just happened to come across your site here. Just wanted to say well done the wedding video. I have never really been interested in doing wedding videos, but yours is actually a really well put together production and I can see you have put a lot of time and thought into it. Just wanted to say well done. 🙂

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