Canon C300 or RED Scarlet X?

What a day! Canon VS Bazooka? So we now have 2 awesome new cameras in the S35 arena. R we one step closer to making movie quality wedding videos? Hmm not really as the price of SGD 20K (by the time it is usable) will put everyone off. Most wedding videographers here have caught on the DSLR bug and one could start with as low as SGD1500, why pay so much more? The specs are really sexy (in particular the Scarlet X which allows us to shoot in 4K > imagine a cinema size wedding video???). Anyway until I get a hands on I would be inclined to wait out for a short while more. All I would confirm is our investment in EF lens is very worth it. We now have 2 options.

How does it concern U, the wedding couple. Well the reality is DSLRs have limitations and they need skilled folks to operate to ensure everything goes well. Cameras like this need even higher skilled operators BUT, you wouldnt worry about recording halts, etc. It can get a little technical but anyway, story telling remains no 1 and gear is to support that.

While I was still thinking about the way ahead, lucky me got a call tonight and got to try the lovely 1Dx. Sorry no footages for u but I would say you would think that the 5D2 is a little basic after fiddling with the 1Dx. Everything looks and feel good, not to mention the superb ISO performance. F2.8 lens suddenly got a lot more viable in dark ballrooms.

Should it be:
2 x 1Dx 
1 x RED Scarlet X + 5D2
1 x Canon C300 + 5D2

Whatever it turns out to be, U the wedding couple would be the one to benefit =)

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