HWM CMR Blackbird Review

The CMR Blackbird has been with me for a month now and I have had only 3 attempts to fly it. I’ll say that I’m personally pleased with it. Its been tough to get going due to heavy work committment and as the last quarter approaches it gets worst. Will be out of action till later this month as I clear my backlogs. Anyway, big thanks to Stanley and Tiong Han for helping me to get this out of the bag!!!

There was some request to compare this with the Glidecam HD2000 and Steadicam Merlin. I have tried all 3 combos, but I’m too tied up to make another video on it. I’ll plug some details when I can and try to add it into the magazine.

Units available at Cathay Photo Singapore Peninsular Office

10 thoughts on “HWM CMR Blackbird Review

  1. Hi bro, Can i know the issue with quick release? Does the quick release adapter comes with the full set (as there is a basic blackbird set and a full blackbird set). If not, how to get one?

    Its pretty important to me as I’ll switch between this and a monopod and a slider often.


      1. Thanks for the reply.

        I’m still comparing between Glidecam & Blackbird … I might not want to get a vest til later so will the blackbird be easier on the wrist if i were to mount a 1.2-1.3kg camera on top? (as compared to glidecam)

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