Canon 7D Quick Review

I had the luck to land the only 7D in Singapore and took it out for 2 weddings. The video was very impromptu as it was done last minute. I hope the limited test footages could help some people who are making a decision on the 7D.

5 thoughts on “Canon 7D Quick Review

  1. After seeing this local production, I am quite convinced that this is the camera that I want to own! Anyhow, I guess you kept the camera steady and panning it smoothly, make the footage looks so good. Some skills that I gotta learn 😀

  2. Hey Sean, I am still thinking what stabilizer to buy, the Blackbird or Merlin. Which one do you recommend?
    If you have the money, as example, just to buy 1 and only one, which one would you buy????? Please, give me your choice.

    1. Well its a tough one! I like the merlin for the portability and low angle shots but the operational point of it is difficult esp with DSLRs. Blackbird is a lot easier but it IS bulky compared to merlin. If u r new, I would suggest u go for the blackbird.

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