Q: What is the difference between a Videographer (VG) and Cinematographer (CM)?
A: When digital video arrived, everyone who shoots DV was called a videographer. Cinematographer for cinema! And then things started to evolute. Why should videos be so boring and documentary? Can we look at things differently? Well a CM basically explores angles and creative ideas when shooting rahter than staying put to document as much as possible.

Q: Why do I need 2 cinematographers at anytime?
A: Traditionally videographers are tasked to document an entire day of activities as it unfolds. Today, we still do the same when there is only one videographer. Covering key events of the day remains the focus. However with that in mind, there is no way for any creativity unless one is able to accept the delivery of non continous footage. While this is already in western countries, documentary demand remains strong in ASIA.

A second cinematographer allows for creative coverage of the event.

Q: Why are the prices so high?
A: Firewerkz Films operate as a full production. We deploy a wide array equipment on every shoot. Manpower comes with cost. With multicam coverage, more footage means more editing hours. Editors toll for hours, weeks and months to deliver. Who will pay for the work but the customer? Take a look at our work and you will understand the difference.

Q: Why should I choose Firewerkz Films to capture my big day?
A: We know our stuff. We are here to tell a story of your big day with powerful visuals and audio.

They say you can only marry once, but who says you cant relive it more than once?

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