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23rd Feb 2012
MPS has decided to award the management of their rights to RIPS. That would mean a one stop shop for us. Good news but that would also mean there is no escape from MPS anymore. Whats the price? Dunno!! My hunch puts it at SGD3500 inclusive of both licences. Add COMPASS for online media and that is a whopping SGD4500 per year. Its ok for big companies but low volume runners would see shrinking profits against lower bookings

30th Dec 2010
COMPASS has added an online application form for the Performance Permit. As explained previously, one event only requires ONE performance licence. This is to be obtained from COMPASS directly. Rates are $107 for video playback (not mentioned clearly on the website)

12th Dec 2010
MPS application in progress for 2011. RIPS would be renewed and we have applied for COMPASS online media licence to show some of our works here. As for event broadcast, we have decided not to go for it. This remains the responsibility of the venue in my opinion. Our job is to comply with the licences required to produce a video and RIPS+MPS is the answer. Online performance is for our marketing purpose so we should pay that part to show works on our website. In summary, couples should apply for the licence from COMPASS directly. We do not profit from it at all.

22nd Sep 2010

MPS has rolled out their portion for videographers at $1500. Ad-Hoc for couple use is $100 (no GST). However COMPASS has made a claim to the pie as well. The damage is $100 (GST req) for performance rights. While it was previously understood that hotels would have paid the licence, COMPASS has clarified that not all hotels pay for VIDEO playback. So the total damage for a couple is $303 for a self made video montage.This is pretty high in my opinion. You could rent the wedding car with that. Save the effort, get a professional to do it for $500.

How does it impact videographers? Well it HURTS. The total damage is $4710 per annum (RIPS+MPS+COMPASS online media for 10 songs). If you wish to put 10 videos online (10 songs) within a year plus cover a couple’s performance permit you will need to pay a total of $5566. I was expecting something $4000 ish but with COMPASS in the pool, the budget busted. What can we do? Not much. I’ll be talking to them to see what else can be done.

A 15-25 wedding videographer would have to spend about $236 per job plus the labour hours of filming + editing. So a videographer charges $2000 on your big day, he spends 10 hrs shooting, 5hrs for the same day edit, 10hrs post editing, some transport cost, equipment depreciation cost, royalty music cost, DVD material cost, electricity, overhead cost  .. how much does it work out per hr? Does he really make good $ like everyone thinks so? Worst still a lot of people would pay a lot of everything else and ask for big discounts for their video as it is the last thing on their list. The video guy is basically doing a job for not much. That is how people come and go when they realise they can’t survive. Besides that, the industry standard doesn’t climb.

The Breakdown (for videographers):
1. RIPS = 2000 x 1.07 (Record company + Singer)
2. MPS = 1500 (Lyrics + Composer)
3. COMPASS* = 1000 x 1.07 (Performance)

The Breakdown (for couples):
1. RIPS = 90 x 1.07
2. MPS = 100
3. COMPASS = 100 x 1.07
Total = $303.3

Anyway, this is not the end. I will be engaging COMPASS to find out more.

PS: The licenced list of videographers would be online at RIPS very soon. However those not on the list doesnt mean they are floating the law. They could be using royalty free songs but do ask to see the proof of purchase.

Contact Info:

10th Jun 2010
We have a solution now for wedding couples who make their own videos. Please see the link below to apply for the licence. RIPS has clarified that companies or freelancers are not allowed to use the Ad-HOC licencing. However couples are allowed to use the AD-hoc licence for their AD video (we figured the only way is the couple editing their own videos somehow!!!). Anyway, we are covered till end 2010. Bear in mind MPS has not granted their portion so the cost may still rise but for now, this is the way to go. Hencefore the market rate is currently $150 for the use of licenced songs for a wedding video. This charge is however dependant on indivdual companies to decide whether to be absorbed or passed on.

29th Apr 2010
This page is dedicated to all those concerned of the recent media coverage over copyright music issues. For those unaware, I am the originator of the dialogue session that fired it all. I was trying to find a solution to the problems and it eventually lead to the dialogue session which became a media fireball.

Channel 8 300310 Report,-or-face-the-music??
TODAY papers 300310 Report

The respective agencies stated enforcing their rights since 2009 actively and many freelancers and professional videographers and photographers were caught off hand. Legal fees were handed out hence the underground movement to remove almost all infringing materials across the industy. (Now you know why its hard to see samples online!) It is wrong to use copyright material without paying BUT the way of the enforcement should be fair and affordable. After all, who would prefer not to use emotionally engaging copyrighted music that may have been part of our memories?

The Truth
All reproductions (wedding video or photo montage syned to music)  have to comply with the new policy. To ply the trade, a video company should have the 2 licences below. Playback at the hotel ballrooms are directly between the hotel and COMPASS. As long as the materials submitted to the hotels are legal, it is nothing to do with the couple or the video company.
1. MPS Licence (Composer) ??? Up to $2000 as mentioned by MPS
2. RIPS Licence (Artist) $2000

If you are getting married and planning to make your own montage with copyrighted songs, its time to call up RIPS. They ARE working on a solution so hang in there.

Our Stand
Firewerkz Films has acquired the RIPS licence and is currently waiting for the MPS annoucement.

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