Chern Yang + Esther via sms (Jul 11)
Omggg Sean the video is so beautiful!!! Cy and I both love it so much. Everyone thought it was amazing!! U and your team did such a good job 🙂 we’re so happy

Johnathon + Joanna via Facebook (Apr 10)

“Thanks sean! this is exactly what we wished for. looking forward to more great works from you 🙂 ”

James + Keryn via sms (Jan 10)

“Bro, thanks for the outstanding work! Video is a hit I’ve heard nothing but praises plus the bridesmaids like it cos they look good!! You da man!”

Douglas + Yee Teng via sms (Jan 10)
“Hello!! Thanks for being here with us to document our wedding.. Can’t wait to see the full thing. The slideshow was great! I watched the SDE 10times!! Everyone commented it was great and I had offers to buy my house!!

Jason + Michelle via email (Dec 09)

” Hi Sean, Just before we fly off, we would like to thank you for your brillant work on Sat!!! the mad rush to get the video done for us!! Understand that it was a little late, but no worries, it was great and worth the wait, everyone enjoyed the highlights very much, especially Michelle and myself!
So we will catch you when we are back, would like to thank you once again for accomadating us into your schedule on the day!! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!!

Ian+Chunhua via blog comment (Nov 09)

“We really loved the highlights video and can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks Sean!!”

Itmam + Jocelyne via sms (Nov 09)

“Hi Sean, Joycelyne here. Thank you for rushing the video highlights. It was beautiful. Our only regret was not engaging ya to cover dinner! Thanks again =) ”

Chek Keng + Sylvia via sms (Oct 09)

“Hi Sean, we just saw the clip, we Love it! Thank you so much, can’t wait to show our guest tomorrow.”

Edwin + Serene at the dinner (Oct 09)

“Wa free advertising for you, our guest loves your video too. So got rebate or not hee hee??”

Darren + Sharon via Facebook (Jul09)

“Everyone! Sean was our videographer and I recommend him for all weddings! He’s got the coolest gadgets and integrates photos excellently into the video!”

Carl + Geraldine via sms (Jun09)

” Sean, sorry if this is late, But just to tell you.. I think Geri and I have watched the video more than 15 times! We love it so much!

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