Danny + Janice SDE // Apple of my Eye

Danny met Janice 8 years ago and they have undergone a lot to aggregate their differences. They are a very sweet couple and it feels like they just starting dating yesterday! This was another crazy lunch SDE which had immense time pressure due to the hotel location (Sentosa) and rain today which made logistics difficult for only 2 crew which had to cover lunch reception as well but we made it… phew!!

2 thoughts on “Danny + Janice SDE // Apple of my Eye

  1. Hello Sean! Love your work and it has been a great experience. We appreciate your infectious joy and keeping things fun. We are still watching the video & showing off to our friends. Will recommend!

  2. Hi Sean! It is almost 5 years now yet it still feels so fresh! You captured the moments so perfectly that all the good feels still pour through the video. Thanks again for the memories!

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