The WORLD thru my EYES // 我眼里的世界 2010-2013

As the year is coming to an end soon, I like to share a piece that I have been working on intensively for the past 2 years. I started experimenting with time lapses 3 years ago when I saw some amazing stuff from my talented pal Weehan. As my job required intensive travelling, I am always on the road. Its really tough on the family but thankfully, I have awesome folks at home. One day, my little boy asked me where was I going again. He is very young and unable to understand what “country” means so I thought, why not show him my world visually?

That inspired me to embark on a mad chase for the past 2 years to document as many timelapse/hyerlapse as I could to many of the places I have visited. Initially it was very challenging as I never knew what lens was suitable and a DSLR was a little cumbersome (I still dig shooting with a DSLR anytime if portability is not an issue). After all, I was out to work proper so lugging too much gear wasn’t going to do me any good. Also, I had to do a lot of research to find the good spots.

When the OMD was launched, everything was changed. I was suddenly enabled with the capability to reach from 24-200mm (equivalent) with 2 tiny lenses and a small body in a handy little bag! I could even fit a mini table tripod in the same bag. I did get a foldable tripod which is pretty handy. I soon found myself timelapsing everywhere, on pavements, taxis, riversides, trains, restaurants, rooftops, hotel, etc. After several failures and repeated attempts I slowly got the hang of things. This attempt has many imperfections but I’m glad to show my progression. I will certainly keep going.

Do take 3mins of your time and have a glimpse of my world.

S Seah

Cam Gear:
Canon 5D3
Olympus OMD-EM1
HTC ONE (Behind the Scenes)

Supported by:
Cathay Photo

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