326SCE // ETEP2013

This clip marks a personal achievement for me. Having been through 2 evaluation exercises over a span of 8years, it has not been easy. Age has caught up but I’m glad to say I had good company. Many of the troops said it was probably the hardest thing they have gone through in their national service life. I had the chance to do my part twice, and also film part of the evaluation. I hope this clip would help all the fathers in the unit tell a story to their kids and families of their role. Being a seasoned traveller has taught me that peace and prosperity is not a granted.

Thank you again to the brothers of 326 SCE for making it a great experience despite the hardship we faced. Some of you had sustained injuries during the exercise but chose not to give up on your buddies even when you could. You win my respect. You know who you are..


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