Alan + Ying Chiang SDE // 973.5

PG: 39 East
LOC: Raffles Hotel

Alan & YC came to us way before their wedding. They had chosen one of those epic songs which was a challenge as I always thought that we need a wonderful location to match the song. In the end, we fell back to the basis to work the SDE based on their story.

When I popped by London recently I took the opportunity to do a timelapse for them as Alan is from UK to add to the story. The morning bit was really fun with the awesome wedding party, some of them being British didn’t know what to expect. Reception deco was wonderful (DIY!) and everything was looking perfect. Alas, it rained right before the wedding ceremony! We had to conduct the ceremony in the shelter instead of the lawn.

However rain was no show stopper for 2 persons deeply in love. Alan and YC is made for each other, even their secretly written vows opening matched and it was a great inspiration to tell their story.

We truly enjoyed this wedding. (minus the solemnization delay that ended the ceremony at 6.45pm and starting the reception on the dot at 7.45pm!)
Hope you will enjoy their video and feel their love too.

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