Teck Yeong + Carol // Brickbear

PG: Alan
LOC: Crowne Plaza Airport

We spent a bit of time with TY and Carol during the condensed short film shoot and got to know them really well. They are one of those uber friendly couples that you cant go wrong with. By the time it got to their big day today it was really easy to work with them. Its a lot easier to tell someone’s story if you know them better. They felt like my old friends and I was touched as they took their vows. We can see spending more time with our couples the best way to produce something unique for every couple.


One thought on “Teck Yeong + Carol // Brickbear

  1. Thank you once again Sean and colleagues! It’s a pleasure knowing you and I can confidently say that we will view this video time and again even when we are lao kok kok… It’s amazing to see how you and your team work together. The equipment, the teamwork, the friendship, the laughter, the concept, etc etc… Thank you for spending time with us and thank you for giving us a video that made me laugh and tear. Our guests had nothing but praises for the video! We are so glad to have chosen firewerkz films to shoot on our big day! 谢谢你!

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