Raphael + Joan SDE // Prayer

PG: Daniel Beh
LOC: Fullerton Hotel

Its been a while since our last wedding and what a bang to start with, a lunch SDE.. Raphael and Joan are a very loving couple and the opening script idea was like a god sent as it was born during our church recce. Implementation on the same day was nothing short of madness since we had no time for anything. That said, Raphael’s thunderous laughter is truly infectious and the day was over before we knew it. They took great care of us and we had good fun (minus the SDE stress..). It was a great team effort today with new approaches and attempts, that created our new record of 3.5hrs for a SDE including travelling time to the hotel. Absolutely nerve wreaking!!

Enjoy ^^

5 thoughts on “Raphael + Joan SDE // Prayer

  1. Dear bro Sean, this wonderful gift you have created for us is one of our most treasured memories of our wedding day.. I think we have been watching this video almost every day since haha!! Apologies for this long overdue note.. Yes like what you mentioned the day whizzed past so fast with so many things happening and there were lots of logistics after the wedding and we were off to our honeymoon! We wanna say a BIG BIG Thank You to you & your team for making our wedding day so memorable with this heartwarming and happy video.. Thank you so much!!!!
    We are also ‘secretly’ proud to be the couple to set a new SDE record for Firewerkz Films hehe!! 😉

    With love,
    Raphael & Joan

  2. St Mary of the Angels. Bukit Batok. Hi FireWerks Team, My girlfriend is one of the bridesmaid for Joan, and we are also very impressed by your work. We would like to engage your services for our wedding.. Could I reach out to you via email?

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