Michael + Mildred SDE // SWISSSING

LOC: Grand Hyatt Gallery
PG: KC (Tinydot)

It was our first time shooting a Swiss-Chinese wedding and we didn’t know what to expect. Well things turned out really fun, Michael and his mostly Swiss team was really sporting and a total blast. This video is one of our most touching one ever, and their love simply filled the air during the solemnization. Enjoy.

PS: It can get confusing between Swedish and Swiss!!

One thought on “Michael + Mildred SDE // SWISSSING

  1. Dear Sean & team
    You have done an amazing job – and just yesterday I told Mildred that I cannot even remember that you guys were filming because I did not realize it during the day and evening. This is what a professional videographer team is all about!
    Thank you for your nice comments, too. It was definitely as much fun and emotional for us as well 🙂
    Michael – the groom
    P.S. I am pretty sure that by now you will not mix up SWISS & Swedish anymore, hee hee…

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