Sony Rocks the Broadcast World (again)…

It has been a quiet year for Sony with the last few mths of Canon Vs RED war.. with just a few weeks to go to NAB 12 (biggest broadcast show in da world), Sony announces 3 new cameras!! The NEX FS700 S35 4k capable (upgrade) camera, the PWM100 50Mbps 422 1/3″ EXMOR cam and the NX30. So how does this impact the wedding boys? Well I do not think by much. The FS700 does sound good (at 35% lesser $$ than the C300) for the stuff you get (inc 120fps slow mo@ 1080p). Sounds like quite a steal but it is after all a USD10k camera. It is a great camera to use at banquets but it might be challenging for AD weddings with the form factor. Canon’s C300 digs with the form factor (like a DSLR) but the price doesn’t unfortunately.

That said Canon has done the wedding crowd a favour by releasing the awesome 5D Mk III which packs a punch with the new CODEC and lovely ISO capabilities at a modest SGD4200 ish range. I would foresee the local scene to continue to hang on to DSLRs, especially those that have invested a great deal in accessories and lens. For the event boys the PWM100 is a great B cam for the EX1R. Where does the FS700 fit? Probably in the independant film makers range. The slow mo function is very handy and  the reality is SG is still not even Full HD unlike Korea.  So the upgradable path to 4K is nice, but not neccessary. The 5D2 has lasted us almost 4years now and done a great job. 4K is going to take a long time to reach households so whats the point? As long as the low light capability is great and 1080p is supported, you got us.

Well if you are very tempted (especially the non DSLR folks) you better HANG ON. I can only tell you there is more to come in the next 2 weeks =)

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