Copyright Music UPDATE 2012

So it has been 2 years now since the regretful music copyright infringement sweep of the wedding industry. Since then many service providers have had a clear avenue to pay for copyright music BUT, there was no linkage between the 3 agencies which led to several different practices. Starting from 2012, we finally see 2 agencies integrating their payment into one. That would mean, no escape!! For those who wanna live in the daylight, you now get to apply for 2 licences under one body. Just to recap the licences required to play a video at a banquet:

1. Mechanical Rights
2. Syncronisation Rights
3. Performance Rights

1 & 2 are co owned by RIPS and MPS to cut the story short. These licences are must have for videographers. You are almost totally covered as long as these 2 licences are applied. The performance rights licence would depend on individual companies. Rightfully, the video company only produces the work, hence it is not the company’s responsibility with regards to public performance. Hope this solves the puzzle.

One SMALL problem thou, the new MPS licence price is ????
(PS: Likely to be SGD1500 from historical pricing but RIPS should take a cut so the price should be even higher)

Couples, if you intend to do your own montage you only have to go to RIPS + COMPASS.

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