Chern Yang + Esther NDE

PG: Wansheng (Feldberyl)
LOC: Flutes at the FORT (besides the old fire station)

Chern Yang and Esther are really nice to work with. Chern Yang is the brotherhood type who would go to lengths for friends while Esther is one popular girl! The moment she marched down the aisle with her dad, the crowd simply went crazy with cameras!! (I guessed there were at least 50 cameras in my way!!!).  It was also the first time we had real fireworks!

We were totally excited at this wedding as we had really nices locations and it was our first job with Wansheng, coupled with the post Mayad Academy excitement. Kudos to Wansheng for sharing his experiences and accomodating us. Special mention to Gu Yang from Nanjing who was our guest shooter at church from Mayad Academy. 谢谢你!

One thought on “Chern Yang + Esther NDE

  1. First rate video composition and HD quality is brilliant. The song/music accompaniment is perfect. Timing with the fireworks made it even more magical! Congratulations on a fantastic wedding video.

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