Wai + June SDE

PG: Michael (Expressively Joho)
LOC: One Deg 15

This job was almost accidental, as we never do 2 in a row. However due to timezone difference at the point of booking, we ended up with 2 jobs over one weekend. But then, Wai and June turned out to be one of the most fun people to work with! June is the kind of lady man will have no problems communicating with =) The morning was fun but we decided on doing a special at One Deg 15. We wanted to have more of the location but there was an evening ROM to be fitted into the video but that reduced the already limited editing time. It was nothing sort of nerve wreaking to be editing in the ballroom with guests waiting but we made it despite a small hiccup. Kudos to My-Ke and his trusty sidekick Taiyi for working closely with us once again. Hooot what a day!

One thought on “Wai + June SDE

  1. Thank you Sean & My-ke for their superb photos & video! Iz lovely, beautiful, fantastic, superb, wonderful etc! Thanks guys, you did a magnificent job!!

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