Alvin + Jane SDE

PG: Chee San (Lightbox)
LOC: Novotel Clarke Quay

Our first SDE of 2011 was quite an exciting day. Challenges of all sorts popped up from no where!!!
0530hrs: The sky was dark, the corridor was nicely lit.
0700hrs: Gatecrash begins, lights go out, corridor pitch dark!
0845hrs: A little rain came with our couple in an open top !! (Did i mention our camera was planted outside the car??)

Luckily we had our trusty Litepanels which saved the day. Thou it was not my preferred lighting situation I was happy we got useful stuff. The weather was threatening but we are grateful for the no rain “gaps we had! And yes, the car camera survived! (it was scary to see the ride moving along CTE at 90km/hr)

1815hrs: Solemnization starts and it ends at 1900hrs due to a super creative JP
2030hrs: 1st March in
2120hrs: SDE rolls out to applause!!

The limited time between the solemnization and 1st march in was STRESSFUL! This JP is awesome, but pretty out of the “norm”. Was quite a challenge but we survived. Lastly, thanks to CheeSan for being so accomodating to the crazy duo for the whole day.

Alvin, many thanks for the kind words post SDE. It was worth the strained muscles =)

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