35mm NXCAM

Sony finally announces their solution to the entry level 35mm market… the NXCAM at 35mm. Means that this baby is going to do 24Mbps stuff with the awesomeness of 35mm. Interesting! Now we have Panasonic and Sony with their solutions. I wonder why Sony has placed the F3 so high up the food chain?? I think this NXCAM is going to be SGD8-10k  range against the AF100. The game is getting hotter.. with NAB2011 in 5mths time, what will the other 2 players offer?? Word of advice for those wating to upgrade… WAIT. Those already on HD do not worry, your lens and EX1, XF300 will still be needed with the new wave. You really cannot afford to have shallow DOF all the time =)

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