Hannah + Han Thon SDE

PG: Bernard + Marcus (Avenue EIGHT)
Loc: Fort Canning Park

Ever seen a bride doing her own wedding cake? Well we had the luck to cover this. Well this is one characteristic wedding that I would ever forget. We had some much stuff in the day! Singing / performing / video / cameraman dad, artistically talented groom, pâtissière bride, PG throwing cameras in the sky ($$$$ flyin literally but its damn COOL), parking at the wrong place and climbing up and down a hill with 12kg bags. WOW. BTW this was another sweat filled SDE seeing me sweating away at the reception table working on the highlights at 7.45pm. Another record for us (a little nerve wreaking thou =p) What a day…

2 thoughts on “Hannah + Han Thon SDE

  1. nerve-wrecking moment aside, you guys were great! thanks for letting me work with such a talented team! keep up the wonder!

  2. Didn’t mean to stress you guys that day-Sorry!

    Not to brag, but I had the perfect wedding also because I had the pleasure of working with talented, fantastic people around me.

    How lucky am I to be surrounded by talented peeps?! Once again, Thanks guys for the great work!

    Keep in touch!

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