Solemnization Locations

@Burkill Hall

@ One Rochester
Photo: Contributed by Tinydot Photography

Looking for the prefect spot for your cosy affair? Today’s post is catered for small solemnization parties. There is an interesting range of selections from our shooting experiences as below. Check them out!

1. Botanic Gardens Burkill Hall – Colonial style bungalow
Indoor and outdoor possible for small crowd. You have to cater your own food if I’m not wrong. You have a choice of indoor and outdoor at the same spot. Opportunity for Garden photography and some retro colonial photos.

2. Botanic Gardens Halia – Small air conditional venue
Garden Solemnization at the iconic pavilion of Botanic Gardens. Halia is a restaurant so the food is pretty ok! If it rains then too bad… indoor solemnization it would have to be! Opportunity for Garden photography photos. Carpark is a distance away so walking is required!

1. Buona Vista One Rochester
Nice place, very cosy but kinda dark for the outdoors (not the videographers favorite place!) Great food with sufficient space to conduct tea ceremony if required upstairs. Carpark very accessible. Photography spots would be a little limited once it gets real dark outdoor! Seems like the same people from One Rochester.

2. Dempsey The White Rabbit
Very interesting place! An isolated house in the middle of nowhere it seems! Reserved for the intimate affair. Private transport required but the location is really cool. Very unique retro photo spots all over the place.

3. Sentosa Suburbia
An old monorail station converted to a restaurant by the former owners of a wine bar in Dempsey Hill. Fully sheltered with photo shoot location at the famous Fig Tree (Child Tree made famous by the local movie). Garden or Lounge, you got it all. Super limited carpark nearby though.

4. One Degree 15 @Sentosa Cove
Another exclusive spot in Sentosa. Unique Yacht Marina photography spots. Again, private transport is required.

5. Flutes at the Fort
Very exclusive but expensive location behind the old fire station near Funan center. A little 2 storey black and white house with partial air conditioning and very limited parking space. Only for small events of 60 pax region.





1. Wangz Hotel Halo Rooftop Lounge @ Outram
Latest happening spot. Located near SGH, public transport is available. Restaurant would help to cater the food. Expected to be a little warm since its on the roof but the mood so right.

2. Twenty Six @ East Coast
This is a chill out lounge. Book the whole place and solemnization in the little pavilion. Located besides the old big splash, its a really cosy spot near the busy city. Really dark after 7pm so shoot your beach photos early! A little warm since its outdoor. Indoor is available but its really limited.

Updated: Aug 2010

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