Sony NEX-VG10 changes the game again..

We transisted from SD to HD a couple of years back, followed by HD to DSLR HD. And now, Sony ups the ante again by releasing the world’s first APS-C Sensor camcorder . This will impact the wedding video world as it allows for interchangeable lens and yet offer more decent audio over DSLR.  However this is just the beginning of a new era. The door is now wide open for ALL players to throw their versions of such big sensor camera at affordable prices.

While the general wedding market in Singapore was a little slow to catch up, I’m certain more players will take up large sensor shooting from 2011. As usual, its better to sit around and let others do the trial and errors. As for me, I guess you already know the answer 😉

2 thoughts on “Sony NEX-VG10 changes the game again..

  1. helo guys,wana ask u this sony nex-vg10 already have in singapore?how much the price?how about the lens can use others lens or must use sony brand?i hope u can give me the detail :D,i like with the sony nex-vg10

    1. Hi Din, this product has not reached our shores yet but its coming real soon. At the moment you can only use Sony lens. Either the same ones as the NEX series (4/3) or Alpha lens with an adapter.

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