Canon CON.NECT completed… what next?

PG: Moomedia
Loc: Art House

The Canon CON.NECT sharing for wedding pros are over. Its been very crazy for me since May. I have been to 7 countries in 4 weeks! Backlogs piling up and waiting for me. I’m glad I opted for the low activity during this period while we at Firewerkz consolidate and rethink how we want to approach weddings. The recent Mayad experience and Moomedia talk on Monday has got us thinking hard. Anyway if you missed our session, there is one more coming next Friday at NTU. I do not have the details yet but its open to the public. It is again regarding DSLR video talk and there would be an expert from Litepanels US to speak on HD lighting.

Thanks to the Moo family for the photo above.

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