Mayad Academy Graduation

The 3 day workshop is coming to an end some and u can see my awesome team mates from the STAR BUGS team for the concept video challenge above (credits to the shadow of Benny Koo who took the shot). What’s that? Each team is given a couple and gets a night to conceptualize, 3hrs to shoot and a day to edit the video. Problem is we have an individual SDE “homework” as well so its kinda tough to manage. The deadline is 7pm and we are still working on it right now!!!

Anyway, I had great fun with my team mates (2 SG+1 MY + 3 PH). Very cool to work with other people once in a while. Would love to shoot with the Mayad gang one day too.

The training has been most fruitful and I found it really meaningful to make new friends with the same passion. The international selection made it even better. I hope to encourage more Singaporeans to venture out of our tiny island and see the world. Stay tuned for new ideas in our future works!

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