Johnathon + Joanna SDE

PG: Kwang (Lightbox)
Loc: Meritus Mandarin Hotel

J+J is quite a matching couple.. I think they look alike somehow.. Tall and slim people. I’m dragging my feet a little as I’m in the middle of their SDE now. Well, 50% done to 7pm!! There was an interesting outdoor shoot at Wheellock place where they first met. Kinda fun to shoot in the middle of the road when the traffic is stopping by but the heat kills! Wish me luck tonight!

This SDE turned out to be one of my favourites. Everything looked beautiful, the moments were there, the couple loved it.. I couldn’t ask for more. Thanks to their patience for staying still under the hot weather! If everyone could start their day from 7.30am it would be lovely… Check out the video on facebook for a limited time only!

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