How do I make my Wedding Dinner interesting?

I was thrown this questions few days ago. Very interesting. You see, the typically chinese dinner is a formula:

8 cse dinner + March in x2 + Speech x1 + Round Table photo xX tables + Cake cutting x1+ Champagne Toasting x1 + Guest Farewell (exp)* = Dinner

Quite boring honestly.. we figured out we should shoot some other contents to make it better. So when I had the lovely chance to influence the couple, it got me thinking. From a video perspective I would love to add to the equation:

1st Dance + Singing

This two items never fail to move me (of cse they have to be done reasonably well). I’m still thinking about it but over doing it may end up like a D&D. So my advice is, keep it under control and limit the activities. Its a wedding, not a  show rite?

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