Sony HXR-NX5 Review

A very quick review on the camera. Didnt have much time with it but this was the new toy I mentioned a couple of weeks back. Sexy little thing but I’m happy with my gear at the moment.

Thanks to Expandore for the camera loan.

2 thoughts on “Sony HXR-NX5 Review

  1. You mention this camera’s footage has a hard time in NLE. I have Final Cut Studio 2. running on a 8 core Mac Pro. Should I have concerns about performance?

    Right now I’ve been using consumer level HDV camcorders so this would be a huge jump for me. I need to upgrade… I’m just wanting to be able to use my same Mac for editing.


  2. you need final cut studio 3 to access the transcoding of the avchd to prores. the upgrade is fairly inexpensive but you will need an intel mac to use it.

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