Wedding Video Music Copyright Annoucement

I am pleased to announce that RIPS has given us a solution! To clarify, it IS an infringement to use pop songs from 14 recording labels below in your videos. It doesnt matter whether you are playing back at a private function (hotel ballrooms ARE NOT private). Please dun question me on the definations, call up RIPS for your queries. All I know is, we are allowed to use up to 3 songs per SDE and distribute them to the couple and any relatives, close friends the couple desires. And sorry, you cant put up the video on Facebook, Youtube or even your blog. You need to call the record label to pay a case by case price hor.

And the BILL is ??? $2000 per annum per videographer

So folks, music is not free. We have to pay so if you like to use pop songs, I’m afriad you have to pay too. Of couse it is up to the individual video production companies to absorb or distribute the cost. Some like me, will be offering alternative solutions to reduce your already hefty wedding expenses.
Aiyoh but what are our charges compared to photographers?? We spend 16hrs on the AD (we go back to do SDE for 6hrs while others go back to rest), 20hrs minimum for post production, pay 2x the amount for video equipment and get 1/2 the salary. (Sorry can’t help digging)



  1. Brocita Enterprise
  2. Easternworld Holdings
  3. EQ Music
  4. Forward Music
  5. Funkie Monkies Productions
  6. HIM International Music
  7. Life Records
  8. Ocean Butterflies Music
  9. Rock Records
  10. S2S
  11. Sony Music
  12. Universal Music
  13. Warner Music
  14. White Cloud Record


Wah, so many labels!! Like everyone is here liao leh…. SCARED OR NOT??

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