James + Keryn SDE

Location: Four Seasons Hotel
PG: Michael (Expressively joho)

It was a lovely day and this was quite a last minute job on Michael’s recommendation. I worked 16hrs in a row and I was totally KO by the end of it. I must say I enjoyed working with James and Keryn. The lovely doveyness was oh so STRONG. Thanks for putting up with my request for the “bed scene”. All the best guys and thank you for all the wonderful encouragement! Photo courtesy of Michael.

One thought on “James + Keryn SDE

  1. Awesome work Sean! Everyone who participated enjoyed every single moment of it. And of course our efforts paid off when the video came on. The feelings and emotions of the day were perfectly captured and the crowd loved it (especially when the bridesmaid looked so gorgeous)! Wish we had more time to try out more interesting shots. We’re all eagerly awaiting for the full video 🙂

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