Jason + Michelle SDE

Location: Art Museum (Former Parliament House)
PG: YuHsin (Tinydot)

What a fun wedding.. This couple is one of the really fun ones. Michelle is super bubbly, and the long train was awesome! Jason was plain fun too and coupled with the beautiful location plus solid photos, it was nothing short of magical.

One thought on “Jason + Michelle SDE

  1. Bonjour Mr Steadi Seah,
    Greetings from Florence…we absolutely loved ur new nickname!! Thanks for you and your team’s great efforts in bringing a great video for our guests in the night, we know that you really had to rush like crazy that day. Appreciate your great work! Heard that there might be some “interesting” comments from the guests during the dinner, so we look forward to meeting up with you when we are back! So here’s wishing you and your team a great end to this year and a even better year ahead! Cheers!


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