Deciding on a Wedding Venue?

This is another post on a series of topics I am sharing on organising a wedding. Its just part of some stuff that I experienced so its really my personal opinion.
Have you ever received what you felt was a unwanted invitation? I’m most of us do. An old time friend which you have lost contact for donkey years calls you up and sends an invitation! Doesnt feel good right? Well, when your wedding comes you will understand why.

Ballroom / Venue Capacity
This is really the culprit all the time. You like a nice ballroom, oh what? the minimal requirement is 300 guests??? All venues have MOQs.. hotels have ballrooms that can be combined or spilt. What are you looking for in a venue? Ambience, location, economy of cost? Loads of factors to consider. Many a times, people over commit. By the time of the invitations and RSVP, they start to panic about the gaps in the tables. That is the time when the “Red Bomb” get planted. Frantic searching of people to fill the seats. Its sad but it keeps happening all the time.

My take? Size out the estimated guests before searching. Ask yourself if the invited is someone that would be happy for you because they care about you. Will the invited feel like they are receving an unwanted invitation?

Parents are almost the only pit hole here. See example:
12mths to AD: “Ah Boy ah, no need so many tables la.. 3 enough for all liao..”
2 wks to AD: “Ah Boy ah, must invite grand uncles, daughter’s son or they will not be happy” >> RED ALERT !! Table requirements up to 6!!
How should we handle this? I guess we know our parents well enough to decide whether to cater 30% extras. The hotels usually standby one to two tables at no charges. Its standby perisibles so it reasonable to charge for more standby tables.

Good luck and STOP sending out the RED BOMBS!

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