Using Forums to shortlist your VG/PG?

Just to share my personal experience when we were hunting for wedding VG ourselves. Well, I was travelling a lot and didnt know that many people back then. I left the hunting to my wife and she came up with a list which was gathered from the forums. I had a look, some of them I knew, some of them I never heard of BUT the reviews were really HOT. We took the effort to drop by with an appointment and… we were real disappointed by some of the stuff we saw. How did someone who charge that much, with great forum accolades produce a video that.. eh, didn’t really impress me.

I then went to the forums and had a look. I realised, the cyberworld is full of trickery. What you read, may not be the truth. Sometimes facts can be manipulated to shape a certain perspective. Not everyone in there can be trusted! Sometime later I realized that some forums collect fees in order to have a thread, hence the aggressiveness to solicit for sales I guess. Although we didn’t lose much in the selection process, we wasted precious time and encountered some disappointment. Thaz why there are serious forums where you are required to register in real identity to force people to take responsibility for their actions.

What’s my two cents? Check out the works personally. If they have an online presence, watch their videos, you can’t go wrong. And if you are looking for Cinematic Videos, I honestly think there are less than 10 in Singapore that are capable of producing truly cinematic wedding stuff. Dun get me wrong, I’m not saying the rest are not good. There are also a lot others that do great work, just that the approach is different and I only pay attention to the cinematic styled. Its just scary to start seeing the term floating up everywhere. Crappy home video styled Videographers calling themselves cinematographers…??

At the end of the day, fix a budget, shortlist 3 candidates and interact with the Cinematographers. Make sure you not only like their style, you got to hit it off with the personality. Its your big day, dun make decisions that you will regret for years.

Good luck!

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