I found my old videos!!!

Its late, I’m tired. BUT, I’m happy. Because I found my old work from 2004! I cant believe I have been working on weddings for 5 years now. In fact, it could be 2003. I’m trying to check the date of my earliest work but I do not have the time now..

Looking back at my old videos is such an experience. I realised how crappy my videos were ha ha .. oh well, we all go through the growing phase.

Unfortunately I can’t share those videos but maybe i’ll show it to prospective clients for them to find out why the pricing in the market is so varied!

One thought on “I found my old videos!!!

  1. yo, congrats on your find ahah.. i still have my first ever wedding shots.. and it’s still online under some unpublished url (i think).

    work from the beginning is VERY important, crappy as they might be, it reminds you of when you started, and how far you have come. nothing else can remind you of that as much as your first few jobs/productions/assignments can!

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