HWM JVC GY-HM100e Review

This is a video review completed a few weeks back but I have not had the chance to complete it till today. Watch out for the review in July issue of HWM!

6 thoughts on “HWM JVC GY-HM100e Review

  1. Great review… I really like how you show raw footage and compare it side by side with other models. I.m looking to upgrade from a consumer model and have narrowed it down to the JVC GY-HM100 or the Sony HXRNX5U. Which one would you recommend?

    I want a professional camera under 4K.

    Your feedback is appreciated!

    Greg F

    1. Hi Greg, glad the reviews are useful to you. I would definately go for the NX5 or AX2000. Size DOES matters and the low light capability of NX5 should be better (from physics viewpoint) If price matters I would go for the AX2000. It is under USD4k and it looks more professional than a mini JVC. Unless u r looking for news coverage where a small form factor would help, it makes more sense to go for the AX2000 (sibling of NX5)

      FCPS2 would handle the footage fine. I have the same 8 core mac pro. Log and Capture AVCHD will do. After the AVCHD is based on H264 which originated from Apple!

  2. I have a comment for Sean and a thought for Greg on his pending purchase.

    First, thanks to you Sean for the great video reviews. I have also been considering the NX5 and the HM100 as the last two contenders for my new acquisition. I can see that the Sony is easily “more” camera, with it’s larger sensors, higher res chips, numerous features like slo-mo and gps, 3 rings for iris/focus/zoom versus the cheesy switches on the JVC, etc., etc. Yet, I am leaning heavily towards the JVC nonetheless for two reasons. First, my macbook pro is a duo core 2.4, and I am scared of the possibility, no, probability that it will be tricky to edit avchd on it. Your quad core desktop with 8 megs RAM is a lot more computer. (Note I’d also need to spend US $500 to upgrade to FCP7 and Snow Leopard (although what’s another $500?)). The HM100 will be far easier and more predictable, and for me, time is $.

    Second, when I saw the size of the two cameras in your hand in the video reviews, I realized the Sony is a brick compared to the JVC. If I have the Sony, I will likely leave it in the studio (for corporate interview work), but rarely give it a run after hours for things like surf contests, tennis events, etc. It’s a fact of my life that I will get more use out of the small form factor, as you mentioned.

    So, I will be purchasing the JVC shortly. I’d love to wait till they come out with a 2nd version, but work beckons. Thanks again for the valuable reviews.

    Greg, my thought for you is to notice how these cameras are very different, and remind yourself what you will use it for. I am also stepping up from a consumer model (Canon HV20), and it is unrealistic that I would need, or learn, all of the extra power that the Sony has for quite some time. They will both produce excellent video and audio, but again for me the deciding factor is the simplicity of what I’ll be able to do with it after filming, and the portability. If you don’t use FCP and use PC, I understand that programs like Vegas have no trouble with AVCHD, and if you don’t necessarily need or want the smaller size of the HM100, I think there is little debate that the two Sony’s are better overall cameras, and not much more $ to boot. (Note I think a chunk of the HM100 cost is to offset the licensing of the .MOV wrapper they use with Final Cut Pro). Lastly, for the extra $700 (BH Photo), I’d go for the better framerates and incredible record times of the NX cam unit.

    Good luck!

  3. Meant to say lastly, for the extra $700 (BH Photo), I’d go for the slo mo, better framerates and incredible record times of the NX cam unit – as opposed to the AX2000.

  4. In the video review you compare the low light level (candle test) with a Sony EX1.

    Errr….what is a Sony EX1..?? Did a search on your site and can find nothing!

    Reference would be helpful, thanks.

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