I’m back!



Enjoyed a long belated honeymoon. Had a great time with my wifey and new friends, and my camera of cse. Time to get back to the realities of life after bursting the bank!

One thought on “I’m back!

  1. Seah,
    Hi! It’s Lee Ann here! Do remember me right?!how’s Hui Hui?
    Just have a few question to ask you:
    1.Did I enter the correct ” Link ” ?
    2.It’s Seahkws@ gmail.com , right?
    3.Have you upload our holiday’s photo into the link yet?remember? 4 June to 15 June 2009- Swithzeland,Germany & Italy?
    I know you you are quiet busy……….right ? sorry to boder you………I am a computer idiot…………sorry……..he he …
    email me : queengoh@ymail.com

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