Glidecam Practise

Glidecam Pro Shot

Had a 2nd practise in the park today. It was really nice to have a partner that looks as weird as me in the same rig. Lots of practise to go to get better. Thanks to Stanley for the great shot!

3 thoughts on “Glidecam Practise

  1. hey bro! The pleasure was mine! Haha! I share the exact sentiments as you do! We do look weird in the rigs but it was cool to have each other just like when I was punished to remain standing in class back then and having another punished with me would make things less awkward! haha!

    Thanks for the pointers too! Was sharing with my other half about how much fun it was! 😉

  2. If you do a wedding video in it, can you remain wearing it for the entire duration or do you get tired with it?

    I’m not very strong, but I’d like to get a glidecam smooth shooter or x10 for use with my Canon Vixia HV-30 camcorder for all day weddings.

    How much would it weigh without a camera on it?

    thanks for any info~

    1. Yes I can but I do not use it for actual day weddings. We do not have the space over here to use it. The max I have tried is 2hrs shooting in the rig. Its not too light thou.. u will need the Pilot to have the lightest combo. Your camera is too light for a full rig. A merlin or HD1000 is more than enuf for handheld ops. Unless u r intending to hook up a DOF adapter then the X10 will be handy.

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